Promoting Periodontology in Malaysia

The Malaysian Society of Periodontology (MSP) is a professional organisation working towards the upliftment of the status of periodontology in Malaysia. Established in 2001, the society aims to promote periodontology and implantology amongst the dental fraternity and periodontal health to the general public in Malaysia.

The objective of the Society shall be to promote and advance the art and science of Periodontology for the benefit of the public, the Dental Profession and to improve the teaching of the same.

To advance and promote the science and scientific understanding of Periodontology. To support the scientific and clinical research in Periodontology and Periodontics. To encourage and support evidence-based clinical practice of Periodontics. To promote and facilitate the dissemination of information related to the best clinical practice of Periodontics.

Excellence Record

Through continuous improvement of both preventive measures and treatment, the goal is to ensure Malaysians have healthy periodontium which will in turn provide a better quality of life. We have been conducting seminars, workshops and road shows annually to promote periodontal awareness amongst our public.

We have also been conducting regular CPD programmes to update knowledge on the latest developments in terms of etio-pathogenesis and management of periodontal disease and implant dentistry amongst our dental professionals including periodontists in our country. Merit awards are given annually to postgraduate students from Malaysian universities who have excelled in their periodontal postgraduate studies.

MSP Committee 2024 – 2026

Dr Mohd Faizal Hafez Hidayat

Dr Farha Arifin

Dr Mohd Zamri Hussin

Dr Nik Madihah Nik Azis

Dr Lim Ei Leen

i. Dr Norul Husna
ii. Dr Phillip Han
iii. Dr Rusmizan Yahaya
iv. Dr Nazurah

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